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The famous Jezzine cutlery is a craft that has enriched the town’s reputation since 1770 with beautiful phoenix birds made out of buffalo or sheep horns adorning the handle of utensils, swords and other objects.This rebird cutlery has been presented to dignitaries all over the world, a tradition that began in the 18th century with a gift to Sultan of Oman. All visitors to the Lebanese Presidential Palace continue to receive the phoenix-handled knife. You can visit the shops at the Souk el Sedd in Jezzine.

Farid Serhal Palace - Jezzine

Cross the gates of the Farid Serhal Palace and witness an ancient moment of the region with a philosophical stone book, a celebration of beauty, a hymn to life, and a salute to history. Here lies the unachieved dream of Dr. Farid Serhal, a member of the parliament who once had an inspiring vision. The palace reproduces works of the past in Andalusia, Beiteddine, or even Ancient Greece.

Aasfouriyet el Janne Museum - Rommane

This unique museum is located in the small uninhabited region of Rommane. It is the work of one man, Sami Harfouche, who has passionately put it all together throughout the years. The collection includes around 300 original pieces, some of which are rare to find. It includes equipment and tools used by the different professions, a collection of ancient household objects, and a lot of agriculture related items. The trip to the museum is exciting for both adults and children. Take advantage of this visit, to discover the Rommané Region and the breathtaking view it offers on a clear weather day. If you’re looking for a picnic, the museum has everything set to give you an incredible day if you have your food with you. If you need food prepared for you, it can be provided to you if you reserve in advance. For more information, or to visit you can contact them at +961 (0)3 402 301.