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The Coal Mine Trail

Travel through the peaceful nature with breathtaking views to discover hidden historical sites. It begins at Kaytouli Village, moving through Homsiyeh village before going down to the Mar Gerges stream that passes through a jungle of brilliant green Kateaa Wasel, a fauna unique to this region. Take a break at the refreshing ice-cold spring then head towards the Al Wata Valley, blanketed with wild flowers near an ancient mill and abandoned stone houses.

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The Roman Bridge Trail

This trail begins at the charming Mar Elias Church in the village of Bhannine, located around 7km from Jezzine Town Center. Walk 25m south along a paved road, then head down towards the valley on a track road. Stay left and pass over a stream and then head south through a meadow to reach an agriculture road. Turn right and head towards the Bhannine Valley - take in the stunning view of the surrounding pine forest.

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The Vine Trail

Move through vineyards, olive groves and pines and cross rivers to discover antiquities in the wilderness of the valley. Starting a visit to the Room Village Square, the St. George Church and the Nabi Yaacoub Mosque, you will hike your way to the Dagon forest, passing Rihane bushes. Make your way through a glorious array of wild lavender, pink anemones and cyclamen that lead you through oaks and a rock cave to reach the Qattine River and the incredible view of the Qattine Valley.

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The 360° Trail

This trail leads you through several beautiful villages while experiencing stunning 360 views of the enitre region. It starts at the municipality of Jezzine, through the Souk el Sedd, Ain Toughar and the village of Haytoura to visit the St. Anthony's Church. You will then head through the olive groves and grazing cattle, passing a pine forest before reaching the Kaytouli Village where you will visit the village fountain, the St. Michale Church and the St. Georges Church. 

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The Sun Trail

This route offers breathtaking views of valleys and ancient sites, without any challenges as you will be walking on mountain roads. Start from an abandoned farm in the village of Sfarey, then walk along an asphalt road passing the SOS village towards Mrah el Amir Abs, a Roman tomb site.

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The Shouf to South Trail

This trail will take you through stunning natural resources and breathtaking views to hidden historical sites. You will begin your journey at the Al Shouf Cedar Reserve, after a visit to the Niha Fortress, you will travel down south on a rocky hill that marks the border between the Shouf and the Jezzine Region. On your way, you will pass by Dear el Moukhalles in Bhannine, the Mar Elias Chapel, the Bhannine Valley, ancient watermills and roman bridges, ancient stone dwellings of the village of Kfartaala and the Abi Amine cave to finally reach La Maison de la Forêt in Bkassine.

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La Maison de la Forêt Trail 

This adventurous trail passes through the wilderness of the Bkassine forest - expect breathtaking views of the Niha Fortress, the impressive Jezzine cliffs and waterfall as well as an exploration of the 18th century watermill and the charming village of Bkassine. This trail will take you on a journey across the valley of Jezzine and Azibeh waterfalls, the cliff which marks the border between the Shouf and Jezzine regions, the village of Aaray and the Monastery of Bhannine.

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The Butterfly Trail

This walk leads from the village of Saydoum towards the beautiful Qattine village and ancient olive press along the mountain roads passing through several villages. Hike through the trails surrounded by roaming butterflies and wildflowers. Pass by the village of Rimat and head down to the river of Snaya to reach the village of Saydoun where the tobacco plantations are located for you to observe the drying techniques.

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